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Zivid 3D vision at Automate


Automate 2019

During Automate 2019 you can experience how Zivid's real-time 3D color cameras enable smart, industrial factory automation and enable collaborative robots to become more flexible.

With our partners Ikona, MoviMED, and Bluewrist, we'll show you the versatility of the Zivid One camera for high-precision picking in assembly, machine loading, manufacturing, and logistics.

Where to see Zivid live:

  • MoviMED - booth #8114
    • Demonstrating Universal Robots with Zivid 3D vision for quality control
  • Bluewrist - booth #8837
    • FlexiPick bin-picking demo with UR cobot with Zivid 3D

Zivid’s VP of Sales, Raman Sharma, will present:

  • Robot Automation Using Human-like 3D Vision
  • 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m, Monday, April 8.

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