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3D Hand-eye Calibration for Logistics Automation

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  • What 3D hand-eye calibration is  
  • Why 3D hand-eye calibration is necessary for logistics automation 
  • How to implement hand-eye calibration for your industrial robot


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"Zivid’s hand-eye calibration API uses the factory-calibrated point cloud

to calculate the hand-eye calibration for temperature and aperture ranges.

Not only does this yield a better result, it does so with fewer positions.

And more importantly, the result is repeatable and easy to obtain."

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A step-by-step guide on 3D hand-eye calibration for your automation application 

Hand-eye calibration is the binding process between the vision component (camera) and a robot. As you understand more about how hand-eye calibration works, you will learn more about how to make run your automation system more precisely and efficiently.

To help developers understand and get started with designing a robust vision-guided robot system for the logistics industry, we created this e-book.