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5 Common Robot Applications
with Industrial 3D Vision

This eBook will cover

  • 5 common real-life automation examples using 3D vision 
  • Benefits of using 3D machine vision systems for your robot application  
  • How to develop a 3D machine vision application 


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eBook_5 common robot applications with industrial 3D vision

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"New 3D camera technology was happening, smaller
collaborative robots were happening, and it opened up whole
new opportunities for manufacturing process automation."


Peter Soetens

CEO of Pickit

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Learn from real-world examples to develop a 3D vision-based automation application! 

We put together this eBook to help you understand the benefits of using 3D machine vision systems by using real-life examples of 3D vision-based robot applications.

As industrial automation industries grow, more companies are likely to seek complex, diverse, and high-performance solutions that 3D vision technologies can offer.