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Benefits of on-arm robot-mounted
3D machine vision cameras

This eBook covers

  • Three major benefits of on-arm mounting in pick and place robotics
  • On-arm vs. stationary mounting considerations 
  • 3D machine vision application development process using a customer case study 


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"The small and lightweight Zivid Two camera helped us advance our platform's capabilities by offering on-arm camera operations with smaller payload robots and applications with tight and limited access"


Peter SoetensRobert Bevec, Ph.D.

Head of Robotics at Kolektor Digital

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Unleash the potential of on-arm mounting!

In this eBook, we look at some of the benefits of on-arm mounting. More automation companies are using this to their advantage, with industrial 3D cameras now being accessible, easy to use, and cost-effective.

We hope that this eBook helped you broaden and deepen your understanding of 3D vision technologies.