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Learning the basics
3D Machine Vision Software

This eBook will cover

  • Basic features of 3D machine vision software (using Zivid Studio as an example)   
  • A step-by-step guide on how to capture high-quality 3D point clouds for your automation application
  • Three case-studies on how to solve common challenges in machine vision system  


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"New 3D camera technology was happening, smaller
collaborative robots were happening, and it opened up whole
new opportunities for manufacturing process automation."


Peter Soetens

CEO of Pickit

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Explore the features and benefits of a 3D machine vision software!

Without a capable software, it is not possible to build a powerful robot platform that is flexible, adaptable, and continuously evolving.

We hope that you find more possibilities with the 3D machine vision system and how to apply specific software features to your automation project through this eBook.