3D machine vision color cameras for industrial robots.
Unleash the potential of your automation system.

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Success stories of robot-mounted 3D vision applications

This eBook covers

  • An overview of the last years' innovation in machine vision: the robot-mounted architecture
  • Case studies of automated applications with a Zivid 3D camera mounted on the robot
  • Real-life examples from the automotive, logistics, and manufacturing industries

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Zivid Two 3D color camera offers the most complete and versatile feature package for 3D cameras on the market currently. It is small, so it can be mounted on the arm of the robot or stationary.”


Marko Simic
Chief Technical Officer of Ascent Robotics

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Unleash the potential of robot-mounted 3D vision!

Two years ago, we introduced the Zivid Two, a 3D camera designed for robot-mounted applications without compromise. Since the launch of the Zivid Two, many companies have adopted the "robot mounted principles", to unleash the potential of their vision-guided application.

This eBook gives an overview of customer stories using Zivid’s 3D cameras for robot-mounted applications in the automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries.