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Key Considerations for High-Performance Robotic Welding

with 3D Machine Vision

This eBook will give you

  • An overview of machine vision requirements for automated welding applications
  • The challenges and key considerations for your solution
  • Some concrete customer examples
  • An introduction to using Zivid 2+ 3D camera for these applications 


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"While robotic welding can take place without 3D machine vision, when 3D machine vision is added, the system becomes far more productive, adaptable, and efficient. When a robot-mounted 3D camera is added to the robot, it brings detailed and accurate awareness with complete geometric freedom."

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A step-by-step guide on automated welding applications

Welding can be a tiring, dirty, and dangerous job, resulting in a shortage of skilled welders. As a result, robotic automation is now booming in the welding industry, making it possible to manufacture massive parts at high speed and without risk. But how can you make the system efficient and precise? 3D vision is the closest to human-like vision.

This eBook is designed to give an overview of machine vision requirements for welding applications.