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A Beginner's Guide to 3D Robot Vision

Tools to successfully use 3D vision - with a focus on Logistics, E-Commerce, Automotive and Manufacturing industries.

This eBook covers

  • Guidelines to choose your 3D vision camera
  • A technical toolbox to get started with programming
  • Real-life use cases from the logistics, e-commerce, automotive, and manufacturing industries

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"Accurate point clouds are necessary in order for picking robots to move robustly and efficiently. This is why we rely on Zivid’s high-quality robot vision cameras, which can reliably deliver the accurate and detailed point clouds that our deep-learning algorithms require."


Herbert Ten Have

CEO of Fizyr

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Unleash the potential of your vision system with 3D!

This is the ultimate guide for anybody starting with 3D machine vision for the logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Download this free eBook and learn all you need to know about 3D machine vision for your applications.