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3D 머신 비전의 


  • 자동화를 위한 3D 머신 비전 소개 
  • 3D 비전 시스템에서 사용되는 다양한 기술 
  • 3D vs. 2D, 장점과 한계 
  • 구조광 방식(Structured light) 장점 


Zivid 당사의 제품  서비스에 대한 정보를 보내기 위한 귀하의 연락 정보가 필요합니다. 언제든지 구독을 취소하실  있습니다. 

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“The Zivid Two 3D camera provides our CapSen PiC vision and motion planning software with both the image resolution and the image capture time it needs to achieve the fast, ultra-fine manipulation that’s demanded in the most difficult of piece-picking applications.”


Mark Stevens

Director of Business Development at CapSen Robotics

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