3D machine vision color cameras for industrial robots.
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Solving bin-picking challenges with 3D machine vision

: Common challenges, 3D solutions, and Use cases

This eBook covers

  • Three common challenges with 3D detection
  • Three common challenges with 3D picking 
  • Customer case studies with Zivid 3D machine vision
  • Getting started with vision-guided robotics


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“Fizyr’s software product enables the automated picking and 3D stacking of unknown items and parcels in real-life logistics environments. Accurate point clouds are necessary in order for picking robots to move robustly and efficiently. This is why we rely on Zivid’s high-quality robot vision cameras, that can reliably deliver the accurate and detailed point clouds that our deep-learning algorithms require.”


Herbert ten Have

CEO of Fizyr

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Unleash the potential of your vision system with 3D!

This eBook is created to go through the most common challenges with bin-picking and how our latest L100 camera can solve those problems. We also added some customer case studies and getting started guides to help you understand how we collaborated with our customers to achieve success.